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Welcome to Berry Technology! We are a group of seasoned Chartered Accountants and certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Our primary mission is to provide your business with top-tier software solutions, leveraging our profound expertise in accounting and intricate business operations. Explore our offerings and unlock the potential to enhance your business’s financial prowess and operational efficiency.

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QuickBooks streamlines accounting processes for any size of businesses because of its extremely user-friendly interface, cloud-based platform, inventory management features, and reporting capabilities.



Xero is an innovative cloud-based accounting software that provides businesses with real-time financial data and a comprehensive suite of accounting tools.

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Odoo HRM (Payroll)

Odoo HRM offers complete customizations, empowering businesses to manage their payroll processes efficiently and tailor the software to meet their unique payroll needs.

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Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP provides businesses with a powerful and flexible solution, featuring complete customizations and unlimited users, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and improve productivity.

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A robust accounting software tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. It streamlines financial management, offers industry-specific versions, and simplifies tasks like income tracking, inventory management, and tax preparation.

Recommended for: Service and trading organizations

Maximum concurrent users: 5

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A powerful accounting solution designed for larger businesses. It offers advanced features for financial management, inventory tracking, and customized reporting. With multi-user capabilities and scalability, it helps big businesses streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency in their financial processes.

Recommended for: Manufacturing, service and trading organizations

Maximum concurrent users: 30

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QB Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus is a versatile cloud-based accounting software that caters to businesses of all sizes. It provides essential tools for financial management, including invoicing, expense tracking, and insightful reporting. With accessibility from anywhere, it simplifies collaboration among team members and ensures real-time financial data accuracy for improved decision-making.

Recommended for: Service and trading organizations

Maximum concurrent users: 5 data entry users and unlimited view-only users

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Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting enabled by QuickBooks Desktop hosted on the cloud offers the power of traditional desktop software with the convenience of online accessibility. It enables businesses to access their financial data securely from anywhere while retaining the robust features of QuickBooks Desktop, making it an ideal choice for flexibility and collaboration among users.

Recommended for: Businesses of all types of industries

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