How to quarantine your Accounting Team


A practical work from home strategy

As we’re facing the worst pandemic of the century, governments all around the globe are tightening their fight against COVID-19 as numbers grow exponentially day by day. Social distancing being described as the best defensive manoeuvre against the virus and at a time when entire Sri Lanka is in a mandatory shutdown, businesses like yours must find a way to continue operations despite the lack of physical presence of the most crucial asset, the human resource. SMEs of Sri Lanka is facing difficulties to work from home because they are not in a position to invest in expensive ERP solutions. However, they should able to find various stand along technologies at an affordable price if they possess the knowledge of the availability of them.


What are the popular technologies available to work from Home?

1. Depending on the nature of your business, facilitating work from home is the best method to minimize the impact on business continuation. You can use web meeting platforms like Skype, Microsoft Teams to discuss the matters you would otherwise discuss at the board room.

2. As App Annie reports, the use of business apps for e-meetings has rapidly surged during the outbreak meaning many businesses in China reaping the benefit of work at home concept.

3. But what about your financial data? How can you get your finance team on board in this effort? This is when cloud-based accounting software comes into play. With just a PC and an internet connection, any of your staff can access your accounting software with comfort at home. Sending invoices, following them up, monitor the cash-flows, generate the vital reports and all the things possible with the software, without even leaving home! QuickBooks on Cloud or QuickBooks online will support your accounting team to work from home.


How to make your accounting team work from home?

Our best recommendation is QuickBooks on Cloud while experiencing all the robust features offered from the most popular accounting software. It enables your business to adopt a practical work from home strategy at a fraction of cost you otherwise had to spend on maintaining physical servers at your office. Security and data confidentiality is also guaranteed with state-of-the-art virtual servers, and the best after-sales services provided by qualified Chartered Accountants and QuickBooks certified ProAdvisors. Why wait when all you need to stay on top of your financials are a click away? Visit our web or give us a call. We’re always there to assist you during this hard time.

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