Remote work platforms to build virtual team success

When the Sri Lankan government declared lockdown, you might have wondered who would finish those tasks and deal with the entire operation from home. With this situation brewing in, people had no other option but to resort to remote working. So, with the changing circumstances comes a change in working styles.

Many people have switched to work from home, and as a consequence, technology has become more important than ever. The technology has enabled some businesses to carry on running as usual despite the challenges posed by the need to support social distancing. Employers and employees who were frustrated by the disruption to begin with are now embracing the advantages of this way of working.

With the work from home strategies, you should have a proper supervision mechanism to keep your employees on track. Virtual collaboration tools allow remote employees to collaborate. Employees can use forms of virtual communication in the workplace, such as video conferencing tools like zoom, MS Teams, Google meet, as well as email, instant messages, and the telephone. With the advent of virtual meeting platforms, all the leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as SLT, Dialog and Mobitel have introduced affordable data packages to cater the increased need of the remote workforce which can further motivate the businesses to adopt the technology in an affordable way. Especially, employees working together across various time zones are more likely to achieve success if they’re able to collaborate from home. Business hours increase with more flexibility. This is particularly enhanced if businesses adopt a certain set of protocols to their meetings, such as everyone turning on their webcam and microphone, allowing for a more personal, connected meeting, feels to everyone being co-located.


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