The pandemic is now endemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected workers and companies of all kinds around the world as the same as in Sri Lanka. It is safe to say that ‘the pandemic is now endemic’ as coronavirus has not shown any sign of vanishing from the society and it is merely an exercise of continuing our lives along with it. Given that, we have to deal with dramatic changes to our way of life and the way we conduct business. Stay-at-home orders have scramble employers for finding ways to help their accounting staff to work remotely and as a consequence, use of cloud computing has become more important than ever. Cloud computing has enabled the businesses to conduct its regular business activities even with the employees working from home, regardless the scale of the operations.

The benefits of cloud computing can really take your business to the next level regardless of the size of your business. Especially during times like today where the transition to remote work can come on so abruptly. Cloud technology enables your employees, and your financial team in particular, to continue using the same software as they would in the office. That means staff across your company can manage wages, expenses, budgeting and financial reporting in the same way as usual and you will be able to collate all their financial information in one place. Giving employees easy access to everything they need to get their job done helps to streamline productivity.

Overall, working from home does not present the struggle that it used to, even for senior finance professionals who’re usually assigned with a lot of responsibilities. The easy access to shared software and data offered by cloud technology means that you can maintain most of the advantages of working in the office, although you may have to make your own cups of tea. Where you also have this access outside working hours, you can enjoy increased flexibility in your schedule. As such, working remotely through cloud accounting software is an advantage you won’t want to give up in a hurry.
This is where QuickBooks comes real handy. The sheer power of its features coupled with the simplicity of the user interface has already made it the no. 1 choice for small and medium businesses around the world. With a variety of versions QuickBooks offer, there’s always a right accounting package for your business no matter what your nature of operation is. Working from home has never been this easy with affordable solutions QuickBooks ready to offer you.


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